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      Meeting of Directors of the United Nations Demographic Training and Research Centers [1]
      Meeting of Experts of CDCC Countries on Strategy for the Third Development Decade [1]
      Meeting of Experts on the Caribbean in the Eighties [1]
      Meeting of Experts on the Creation of Intra-Port Competition in the Caribbean [1]
      Meeting of Government-Designated Experts of Latin America and the Caribbean Preparatory to Rio+20: A Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication and the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development [1]
      Meeting of the Group of Experts on New and Renewable Sources of Energy [1]
      Meeting of the Group of Experts on the Law of the Sea and the States Members of the Zone of Peace and Co-operation of the South Atlantic [2]
      Meeting of the POPINS Multilingual Thesaurus Working Group [1]
      Meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the Whole of the World Summit for Social Development [1]
      Meeting on Population [1]
      Meeting on Trade Procedures in the Caribbean [1]
      Meeting on Vulnerable Women [1]
      Mesa Redonda de los Países en Desarrollo sobre Cooperación en el Campo del Transporte y las Comunicaciones [1]
      Mesa Redonda de Superintendentes de Seguros Latinoamericanos [4]
      Mesa Redonda sobre Crisis [10]
      Mesa Redonda sobre el Desarrollo del Caribe. Reunión [2]
      Mesa Redonda sobre el Financiamiento de las Exportaciones de Manufacturas en América Latina [15]
      Mesa Redonda sobre el Uso Sustentable de los Recursos Hídricos [1]
      Mesa Redonda sobre Estilos de Desarrollo en América Latina y Desafíos del Futuro [12]
      Mesa Redonda sobre Estrategias de Sobrevivencia en Economías Campesinas: el Rol de la Mujer [1]