The care society: A horizon for sustainable recovery with gender equality

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The care society: A horizon for sustainable recovery with gender equality


The multiple crises of recent years have shown that the current development model is unsustainable and fails to address the structural gaps that affect the vast majority of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean. Against this backdrop, a comprehensive and cross-cutting approach is needed to halt the enormous setbacks that jeopardize achievements of the targets set in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Regional Gender Agenda. It is also urgent to implement the structural change in the development model that ECLAC has been advocating for over a decade. To avoid widening gender gaps and move towards substantive equality, what is needed are accurate assessments and concrete proposals that will contribute to breaking from a development model that has disregarded the care of people and the planet. This document reflects the concern regarding the need for a paradigm shift and offers analyses and recommendations for moving towards a care society.

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Foreword .-- Chapter I. Gender equality and the care society .-- Chapter II. The inherent link between the sexual division of labour and gender inequality .-- Chapter III. Care amid demographic, epidemiological and economic changes .-- Chapter IV. The labour market and care work .-- Chapter V. Macroeconomic and global challenges for a care society .-- Chapter VI. A change of era: the State for the care society.