Data, algorithms and policies: Redefining the digital world

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Data, algorithms and policies: Redefining the digital world


The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is shaping an ecosystem whose dynamics are redefining the economic and social development model. This document analyses the Internet of Things, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and their transformative potential. It studies two enablers of these technologies: global digital platforms and training for upgrading human resources, and analyses the impact of these and other digital technologies on manufacturing and advanced services, and on digital financial technology (fintech) firms. It concludes with a reflection on the implications of artificial intelligence for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Foreword .-- Introduction .-- I. The digitalization of the physical world: the Internet of Things .-- II. Blockchain: the Internet of trust .-- III. An economy and society based on digital platforms .-- IV. Human capital formation for digital technologies in Latin America .-- V. Digital financial technologies for inclusion, what do the region’s countries think? .-- VI. The industrial Internet for advanced manufacturing .-- VII. Artificial intelligence for development.