CEPAL Review no. 123

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CEPAL Review no. 123


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Effects of internal migration on the human settlements system in Latin America and the Caribbean / Jorge Rodríguez Vignoli .-- Economic growth and income concentration and their effects on poverty in Brazil / Jair Andrade Araujo, Emerson Marinho and Guaracyane Lima Campêlo .-- Personal income tax and income inequality in Ecuador between 2007 and 2011 / Liliana Cano .-- Analysis of formal-informal transitions in the Ecuadorian labour market / Adriana Patricia Vega Núñez .-- The impact on wages, employment and exports of backward linkages between multinational companies and SMEs / Juan Carlos Leiva, Ricardo Monge-González and Juan Antonio Rodríguez-Álvarez .-- Job satisfaction in Chile: geographic determinants and differences / Luz María Ferrada .-- Currency carry trade and the cost of international reserves in Mexico / Carlos A. Rozo and Norma Maldonado .-- The mining canon and the budget political cycle in Peru’s district municipalities, 2002-2011 / Carol Pebe, Norally Radas and Javier Torres .-- A structuralist-Keynesian model for determining the optimum real exchange rate for Brazil’s economic development process: 1999-2015 / André Nassif, Carmen Feijó and Eliane Araújo .-- Impact of the Guaranteed Health Plan with a single community premium on the demand for private health insurance in Chile / Eduardo Bitran, Fabián Duarte, Dalila Fernandes and Marcelo Villena.