Strengthening value chains: A toolkit

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Strengthening value chains: A toolkit


The main objective of this toolkit is to exhibit and disseminate the methodology for strengthening value chains developed by the Subregional Headquarters in Mexico of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). This document lays out the concepts, processes and good practices that have been derived from implementing such a strategy. It is intended to be a useful tool for public sector decision makers, officials of international bodies and those studying the topic, who are interested in a systematised and proven methodology. This manual was prepared in response to formal requests from the governments of the region for a practical tool that facilitates replication of the initial processes in which eclac participated on a joint basis in other chains.

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I. Introduction to the toolkit’s objectives and scope .-- II. Value chains in the thought and work of ECLAC .-- III. Key value chain concepts .-- IV. ECLAC methodology for strengthening value chains .-- V. The definition of meta-objectives and value chain selection .-- VI. The diagnostic .-- VII. Dialogue tables .-- VIII. Good practices .-- IX. Strategies, implementation support and launch .-- X. Final reflections: value chain strengthening as an instrument of industrial policy.