Saint Lucia: the Yachting Sector

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Saint Lucia: the Yachting Sector


This study is a measure of the impact of the yachting sector in Saint Lucia specific to the terms of reference as presented by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). This study is part of the project: Development of a Subregional Marinebased Tourism Strategy, co-funded by the Government of the Netherlands, which is aimed at the development of sustainable yachting in the Eastern Caribbean and focuses on the island arc from the British Virgin Islands in the north to Trinidad and Tobago in the south. This study was compiled based on information gathered through interviews, reviewing of existing data and current findings and observations in areas where data was not presented. This study reviews specifically the yachting sector, or pleasure boat industry, which can be defined as a complex set of activities that are required to sustain boating and cruising in Saint Lucia. These activities are emphasized by yachting tourists, who are visitors to the island, staying for more than 24 hours on their vessels. A comp

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.--1. Executive summary.-- 2. Introduction.-- 3. How the study was done.- 4. Country Background.-- 5. Description of the yachting industry.-- ^. The role of yachting within the national sustainable development framework.-- 7. Employment aspects of the yachting sector.-- 8. The socio-economic importance of the yachting sector.-- 9. The environmental implications of yachting.-- 10. Government and private sector policies regarding the management and development of the yachting sector.-- 11. Problems and structural weaknesses facing industry.-- 12. Recommendations.