CEPAL Review no. 115

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CEPAL Review no. 115


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Stylized features of the investment-growth connection in Latin America, 1980-2012 / Sandra Manuelito and Luis Felipe Jiménez .-- International technological dynamics in production sectors: An empirical analysis / Fernando Isabella Revetria .-- Does public financial support stimulate innovation and productivity? An impact evaluation / Diego Aboal and Paula Garda .-- Digital inclusion in education in Tarija, Plurinational State of Bolivia / Sulma Farfán Sossa, Antonio Medina Rivilla and María Luz Cacheiro González .-- Macroeconomic trade-offs and external vulnerabilities of human development in Nicaragua / Marco V. Sánchez Cantillo .-- Classroom discipline, classroom environment and student performance in Chile / Carolina Gazmuri, Jorge Manzi and Ricardo D. Paredes .-- Pricing and spread components at the Lima Stock Exchange / Luis Chávez-Bedoya, Carlos Loaiza Álamo and Giannio Téllez De Vettori .-- Exports from the Brazilian automotive sector to the Southern Common Market: Trade diversion or cost reduction? / André Filipe Zago de Azevedo and Angélica Massuquetti .-- Determinants of unfair inequality in Brazil, 1995 and 2009 / Ana Claudia Annegues, Erik Alencar de Figueiredo and Wallace Patrick Santos de Farias Souza .-- A comparative analysis of productivity in Brazilian and Mexican manufacturing industries / Armênio de Souza Rangel and Fernando Garcia de Freitas