The global financial crisis: what happened and what’s next

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The global financial crisis: what happened and what’s next


Global economic conditions have been deteriorating sharply since mid- September 2008. Lending has dropped abruptly, credit spreads have widened sharply, stock markets have plunged and economies everywhere are stumbling. Governments around the world have undertaken unprecedented measures, including some coordinated intervention. However, global economic prospects remain troubled, and further policy action is required. In order to better understand the task before policy makers as they chart a new direction, this paper examines how the global economy arrived at its current predicament, looking back at the sequence of events that contributed to create havoc in financial markets, as well as the policy response they produced. In light of these events, we examine the impact on Latin American financial markets in particular. The global nature of the current crisis underscores the need for coordinating the policy response at the global level, as well as advancing towards a new international financial architecture that will make possible a more effective response to the build-up of systemic pressures.