CEPAL Review no. 99

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CEPAL Review no. 99


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Financial regulation and oversight: lessons from the crisis for Latin America and the Caribbean / Filipa Correia, Luis Felipe Jiménez and Sandra Manuelito .-- Employment dynamics and crises in Latin America / Lucas Navarro .-- Child stunting and socio-economic inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean / Guillermo Paraje .-- Argentina: how to study and act upon local innovation systems / Gabriel Yoguel, José A. Borello and Analía Erbes .-- Brazil: how macroeconomic variables affect consumer confidence / Helder Ferreira de Mendonça .-- Exchange-rate management in Brazil / Daniela M. Prates, André M. Cunha and Marcos T.C. Lélis .-- Chile: academic performance and educational management under a rigid employment regime / Ricardo D. Paredes and Valentina Paredes .-- A new approach to gender wage gaps in Chile / Marcela Perticará and Ivonne Bueno .-- Colombia: social capital, social movements and sustainable development in Cauca / Raúl Cortés Landázury and Mónica María Sinisterra Rodríguez .-- Mexico: total productivity changes at the principal container ports / Alejandro Guerrero C. and César Rivera T. .-- cepal Review referees in 2008 and January-August 2009 .-- Guidelines for contributors to cepal Review .-- Recent eclac publications.