CEPAL Review no.110

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CEPAL Review no.110


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Structural constraints and determinants of economic growth in Cuba / Juan Carlos Palacios C. -- An assessment of green export opportunities for Barbados / Winston Moore. -- Towards an integrative approach to sustainability: exploring potential synergies between gender and environment / Isabel Pla Julián and Sandra Guevara de Molina. -- Social mobility and the demand for income redistribution in Latin America / Cleiton Roberto da Fonseca Silva and Erik Alencar de Figueiredo. -- NAFTA’S uninvited guest: China and the disintegration of North American trade / Enrique Dussel Peters and Kevin P. Gallagher. -- Terms of trade and output fluctuations in Colombia / Gonzalo Hernández. -- Argentina: recent dynamics in the software and it services industry / Florencia Barletta, Mariano Pereira, Verónica Robert and Gabriel Yoguel. -- The international trade position of Argentina. Towards a process of export diversification? / Marta Bekerman and Federico Dulcich. -- Determinants of ownership concentration in the Chilean stock market / Marco Morales, María José Meléndez and Vanessa Ramírez. -- Chile: subsidies, credit and housing deficit / Fernando Garcia de Freitas, Ana Lélia Magnabosco and Patrícia H. F. Cunha. -- Guidelines for contributors to the CEPAL Review.