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Cobertura: 2007 al presente. Idioma(s): Inglés. Periodicidad: Irregular. Contenido: Esta colección reúne un conjunto de documentos monográficos, resultantes de los estudios e investigaciones de la CEPAL. Responsable: Sede subregional de la CEPAL para el Caribe. ISSN: 1727-9917.


  • The importance of time-use surveys in guiding social policies: the gendered impact of COVID-19 on paid and unpaid work in the Caribbean 

    Leon, Daniel | Floyd, Shirelle | Abdulkadri, Abdullahi (2023-03-24)
    Recognizing the importance of unpaid work is critical to achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, which is Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Like most SDGs that are focused on the people dimension of the 2030 Agenda, the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed some of the gains made in gender equality and women’s ...
  • Policy considerations for sustainable transportation in three Caribbean small island developing States: options for improving land transportation efficiency. Barbados, the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica 

    Phillips, Willard | Nicholson, George | Alleyne, Antonio | Alfonso, Maurys (2023-02-27)
    As the Caribbean subregion seeks to implement strategies for meeting its obligations under the Paris Agreement, the sustainable development of its land transportation subsector has emerged as a significant challenge. This relates to both the need to reduce green house gas emissions, for which the subsector is a major emitter, as well as the necessity ...
  • Exploring the elements of an optimal hydrocarbon fiscal regime 

    McLean, Sheldon (2023-02-22)
    The study analyzes the process for the awarding of blocks among select countries within the western hemisphere, namely Brazil, Guyana, Mexico, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. The findings allow for the determination of key elements of what can be considered an optimal hydrocarbon fiscal regime for Caribbean economies that would allow governments ...
  • The ageing Caribbean: 20 years of the Madrid Plan of Action 

    Quashie, Nekehia | Jones, Francis (2023-02-06)
    This report assess the situation of older persons and reviews the actions taken in Caribbean countries and territories, particularly over the past five years, to implement the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and related regional agreements. It contributes to the global and regional reviews of the Plan of Action, 20 years on from its ...
  • Economic Survey of the Caribbean 2022 

    Alleyne, Dillon | Hendrickson, Michael | McLean, Sheldon | Pantin, Machel | Skerrette, Nyasha (2023-01-31)
    This survey examines the economic performance of economies of the Caribbean in 2021 and the first few months of 2022 and comprises five chapters. The first chapter gives an overview of global, regional and subregional economic performance in the Caribbean. The second provides an analysis of the subregion’s fiscal performance and debt burden. The third ...
  • Preliminary overview of the economies of the Caribbean 2021–2022 

    Alleyne, Dillon | Hendrickson, Michael | McLean, Sheldon | Pantin, Machel | Skerrette, Nyasha (2023-01-17)
    This overview examines the economic performance of economies of the Caribbean in 2021 and comprises four chapters. The first chapter provides a comparative analysis across Caribbean economies of the main macroeconomic variables, namely GDP growth, monetary indicators, as well as fiscal and external accounts. The second chapter concludes, while the ...
  • Statistical literacy: an enabler of statistical capacity development in the Caribbean 

    Floyd, Shirelle | Mkrtchyan, Iskuhi | Abdulkadri, Abdullahi (2023-01-16)
    This study reviews the level of statistical skills and competencies of staff of National Statistical Offices of the Caribbean as a critical step in enhancing the statistical capacity of National Statistical Systems in the subregion. Building on discussions of statistical literacy in national policies and regional frameworks such as the CARICOM Regional ...
  • Digital inclusion in Caribbean digital transformation frameworks and initiatives: a review 

    Alexander, Dale | Døhl Diouf, Lika | Prescod, Kwesi (2023-01-10)
    This study evaluates the extent to which digital inclusion is considered in Caribbean digital transformation frameworks. Digital inclusion considers the ways in which digital divides are created as the digital transformation of society progresses, and how societal inequalities affect and are affected by digital technologies. As such, digital inclusion ...
  • Science, technology and innovation for sustainable development: Lessons from the Caribbean’s energy transition 

    Walker, Laverne | de Paula, Jônatas (2022-12-29)
    Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) is important in advancing sustainable development across the globe. One approach available to countries to promote their sustainable development agendas is the advancement of STI to support the adoption of renewable energy technologies. The continued reliance on fossil fuels in the Caribbean is one of the ...
  • Addressing gender disparities in education and employment: A necessary step for achieving sustainable development in the Caribbean 

    Abdulkadri, Abdullahi | John-Aloye, Samantha | Mkrtchyan, Iskuhi | Gonzales, Candice | Johnson, Shari | Floyd, Shirelle (2022-09-21)
    Considering the vital importance of gender equality to development and the specific promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to leave no one behind, girls and boys should be provided with equal opportunities to achieve their fullest potential as promoted in specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and related targets. Noting ...

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