Seeking growth under financial volatility

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Seeking growth under financial volatility


"This volume deals with macroeconomic issues and their relationship to growth in emerging economies. Lack of economic growth has been a feature of Latin American economies since the 1980s. In this book the analysis is complemented by two studies focused in East Asia and South Africa. All country cases examined have exhibited low inflation but high instability of economic activity in the 1990s and early 2000s. These cases provide relevant theoretical implications for a broader understanding of real macroeconomic policies in economies vulnerable to the globalization of financial volatility."--BOOK JACKET.


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Foreword / Jose Luis Machinea -- Preface / Ricardo Ffrench-Davis -- I. Macroeconomics-for-growth under financial globalization : four strategic issues for emerging economies / Ricardo Ffrench-Davis -- II. Overcoming Latin America's growth frustrations : the macro and mesoeconomic links / Jose Antonio Ocampo -- III. Macroeconomic stability and investment allocation of domestic pension funds in emerging economies : the case of Chile / Roberto Zahler -- IV. Real macroeconomic stability and the capital account in Chile and Colombia / Ricardo Ffrench-Davis and Leonardo Villar -- V. Macroeconomic adjustments and the real economy in Korea and Malaysia since 1997 / Zainal-Abidin Mahani, Kwanho Shin and Yunjong Wang -- VI. Macroeconomics in post-apartheid South Africa : real growth versus financial stability / Stephen Gelb.