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      Webinar "Apropiación Tecnológica en el Sector Público: Elementos claves para identificar soluciones que agreguen valor a la gestión" [1]
      Webinar "Economía Social Solidaria: La otra economía existente para alcanzar los ODS en ALC" [1]
      Webinario regional “ENAMI: Modelo y buenas prácticas para promover la sostenibilidad de la minería artesanal y pequeña andina” [1]
      Wider Caribbean Expert Meeting on Environment and Tourism in Caribbean Development [12]
      WINISIS Training Workshop [1]
      Woekshop on boosting SME developemnt and development and competitiveness int he Caribbean [1]
      Women in Development Planning Expert Group Meeting [1]
      Working Group on the Methodology for the Study of International Migration [1]
      Working group session for capacity-building in econometric modelling project: Review of the Economics of Climate Change in the Caribbean [1]
      Workshop "Negotiating trade agreements for the 21st century: The case of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement [1]
      Workshop in Caribbean Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Trade Liberalization: Challenges of Clusters and Network Initiatives [1]
      Workshop on Agricultural Research Policy and Management in the Caribbean [28]
      Workshop on Alternative Uses of Banana and Banana Products [1]
      Workshop on Analysis of Food Systems in the English-Speaking Caribbean Countries [1]
      Workshop on Capital Flows and Investment Performance in Latin America [5]
      Workshop on census data dissemination using REDATAM - Dominica, and Saint Kitts and Nevis [1]
      Workshop on climate change adaptation, disaster risk and resilience in the Caribbean [1]
      Workshop on Co-operation between the Member Countries of the Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee in Research and Development of Tropical Root and Tuber Crops [1]
      Workshop on Co-operation in Rice Research between the Governments of the Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee [1]
      Workshop on Contributions of Women in the Field of Water Resources [2]