The Portal of inequalities in Latin America

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The Portal of inequalities in Latin America


As a region, Latin America is characterized by high levels of inequality, reflected in both concentration of income and wealth and in large gaps in various areas of well-being among different population groups. Statistical information is vital in raising awareness of these gaps and in facilitating design and implementation of public policy to reduce disparities. To contribute to analysis of this regional problem, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has developed a new tool to view information on the inequalities that exist in different areas in Latin American countries, selecting a set of indicators and categorizing them on its Portal of inequalities in Latin America. The Portal is one of multiple information resources offered by CEPALSTAT and aims to present data on different aspects of inequality in Latin American countries in a simple way, making it easy to understand. The site contains charts that show the gaps that exist and brief texts explaining how the indicators were put together, how to interpret them and what findings were reached.