Inequality in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean: Gap analysis and overcoming strategies. Volume 1

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Inequality in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean: Gap analysis and overcoming strategies. Volume 1


In this book, those who search for an equitable and sustainable future will find a valuable collection of methodological proposals, case analyses and recommendations for varied aspects of development. This book is an indispensable tool for decision-makers, researchers, development professionals and anyone interested in inequality issues. When diving into its pages, readers will discover a comprehensive approach based on evidence and endorsed by the experience and knowledge of experts. The book addresses topics ranging from poverty and income inequality to social protection, agriculture, energy, innovation, productivity and investment. It pays special attention to inequality gaps to understand them more fully and precisely. The groundbreaking research included in this book springs from the New Narratives for Rural Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean project implemented by the Mexico City Subregional Headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) funded this book.

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Abstract .-- Introduction .-- Chapter I Human-rights-based conceptualization and measurement of the structural gap of poverty in El Salvador, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic / Ricardo Aparicio and David López Lira .-- Chapter II. Poverty gaps in Mexico: magnitude, evolution and territorial distribution / Julio Boltvinik and Alejandro Marín .-- Chapter III. How to measure inequality? A proposal to adjust income distribution in El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica / Miguel Calderón Chelius .-- Chapter IV. Demographic change and social protection gaps in Mexico, Central America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean / Sandra Huenchuan .-- Chapter V. Structural welfare gaps in Mexico from a comparative perspective / Carlos Barba Solano .-- Chapter VI. Gaps in government spending on health and education in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico / Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight .-- Chapter VII Access and quality gaps: a challenge for educational transformation in Guatemala / Evelyn Jacir de Lovo .-- Chapter VIII. Limitations in access to health in Mexico within the new rurality framework / Enrique Valencia Lomelí and Máximo E. Jaramillo Molina .-- Chapter IX. Incorporation of indigenous ethnicity into Mexico City's administrative records / Sandra Huenchuan.