CEPAL Review no. 125

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CEPAL Review no. 125


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The geography of development in Latin America and the Caribbean: towards a new multidimensional taxonomy of the Sustainable Development Goals / Sergio Tezanos .-- Asymmetric monetary and exchange-rate policies in Latin American countries that use inflation targeting / Emiliano Libman .-- Horizontal inequality and ethnic discrimination in four Latin American countries / Alicia Puyana .-- Health-care expenditures, economic growth and infant mortality: evidence from developed and developing countries / Abdelhafidh Dhrifi .-- Knowledge networks associated with the production of natural resources in Latin America: a comparative analysis / Valeria Arza, Anabel Marín, Emanuel López and Lilia Stubrin .-- Technical progress in GDP production and CO2 emissions in Brazil: 1970−2012 / Márcio Santetti, Adalmir Antônio Marquetti and Henrique Morrone .-- Macroeconomic shocks and policy reforms: lessons from the 1999 downturn in Chile / Julio J. Guzmán .-- Colombia’s potential for trade with the European Union and other major global markets / Jaime Rafael Ahcar Olmos .-- Deindustrialization, labour and violence in El Salvador / Luis René Cáceres .-- Functional distribution of income and growth regime in Peru, 1942−2013 / Germán Alarco Tosoni and César Castillo García.