CEPAL Review no. 117

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CEPAL Review no. 117


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Meta-analysis of the income and price elasticities of gasoline demand: public policy implications for Latin America / Luis Miguel Galindo, Joseluis Samaniego, José Eduardo Alatorre, Jimy Ferrer Carbonell and Orlando Reyes .-- Macroprudential policy: an institutionalist interpretation / Gustavo Chagas Goudard and Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra .-- Export competitiveness in an oil and gas economy: the case of Trinidad and Tobago, 1985-2010 / Indira Romero-Márquez and Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid .-- Ecuador: return from migration and entrepreneurship in Loja / Silverio Alarcón and Jessica Ordóñez .-- Paraguay: a housing finance proposal for middle- to low-income groups / J. Vicente Fruet Cardozo and Guzmán A. Muñoz Fernández .-- Going through the labyrinth: the political economy of Argentina’s abandonment of the gold standard (1929-1933) / Pablo Gerchunoff and José Luis Machinea .-- Informality and labour market segmentation: the case of Argentina / Luis Beccaria and Fernando Groisman .-- Exchange rate pass-through and inflation targets in Chile / Patricio Mujica and Rodrigo Saens .-- Mexico: industrial policies and the production of information and communication technology goods and services / Claudia Schatan and Leobardo Enríquez .-- Industrial location and sectoral linkages: the case of the Brazilian automotive industry / Luciano Ferreira Gabriel, Antônio Cláudio da Gama Cerqueira and Luiz Carlos Ribeiro.