CEPAL Review no.108

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CEPAL Review no.108


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Overcoming the “empty box syndrome”. Determinants of income distribution in Latin America / Ivonne González and Ricardo Martner. -- Free trade agreements in Latin America since 1990: an evaluation of export diversi_cation / Alfonso Dingemans and César Ross. -- Ecuador: de_ning and measuring multidimensional poverty, 2006-2010 / Andrés Mideros M. -- The biodiesel market and public policy: a comparative analysis of Argentina and Brazil / Georges Gérard Flexor, Karina Yoshie Martins Kato and Marina Yesica Recalde. -- Production structure of the services sector in countries at different development levels / Kênia Barreiro de Souza, Suzana Quinet de Andrade Bastos and Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli. -- Keynesian economic policies: re_ections on the Brazilian economy, 1995-2009 / Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra and Fernando Ferrari Filho. -- Enterprise creation and economic recovery: the case of Rio Grande do Sul / Mario Duarte Canever and André Carraro. -- The health insurance market: lessons on the con_ict between equivalence and solidarity / Andras Uthoff, José Miguel Sánchez and Rolando Campusano. -- Chile’s new middle classes: a cohort analysis / Oscar Mac-Clure. -- Distributional effects of eliminating the differential tax treatment of business and personal income in Chile / Claudio A. Agostini, Claudia Martínez A. and Barbara Flores. -- CEPAL Review referees 2011 and January-August 2012. -- Guidelines for contributors to the CEPAL Review.