CEPAL Review no. 119

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CEPAL Review no. 119


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Purchasing power parities for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2005-2013: methods and results / Hernán Epstein and Salvador Marconi – Official development assistance, social capital and growth in Latin America / Isabel Neira, Maricruz Lacalle-Calderón and Marta Portela – Peru, 2002-2012: growth, structural change and formalization / Juan Chacaltana – Fiscal decentralization and economic growth in Colombia: evidence from regional-level panel data / Ignacio Lozano and Juan Manuel Julio – The effect of icts on academic achievement: the Conectar Igualdad programme in Argentina / María Verónica Alderete and María Marta Formichella – Brazil: capital goods industry during the 2003-2008 boom and following the global crisis / Guilherme Riccioppo Magacho – Socioeconomic school segregation in Chile: parental choice and a theoretical counterfactual analysis / Humberto Santos and Gregory Elacqua – Income inequality in Costa Rica according to the national household income and expenditure surveys of 2004 and 2013 / Andrés Fernández Aráuz – The labour content of Mexican manufactures, 2008 and 2012 / Gerardo Fujii G., Rosario Cervantes M. and Ana Sofía Fabián R. – Tertiarization in Chile: cultural inequality and occupational structure / Modesto Gayo, María Luisa Méndez and Berta Teitelboim